Program Execution

Run the Development Server to start this React app:

  • Execute the following command to start the development server:

    npm start
  • Alternatively, if you have configured your project to use react-app-rewired for overriding the Webpack configuration without ejecting from create-react-app, make sure to run:

    npm run start
  • This command compiles your application and serves it locally, usually opening your default web browser to http://localhost:3000/ automatically, where you can view your running application.

To validate the accuracy of the estimated fee component's output, you can perform a real-world test by executing an Ethereum (ETH) transfer transaction on the Eclipse testnet using Eclipse's form of the Salmon Wallet. This practical approach allows you to compare the estimated transaction fee provided by the program against the actual gas used by the transaction as recorded on the blockchain. Here's a brief overview of how to carry out this verification process:

  1. Prepare the Eclipse Wallet: Ensure you have the Eclipse wallet set up and funded with testnet ETH on the Eclipse testnet. The wallet should be configured to interact with the Eclipse testnet environment. Full guide on installing Eclipse wallet:

  2. Initiate an ETH Transfer: Use the Eclipse wallet to create and send an ETH transfer transaction to another address on the Eclipse Testnet. Ensure that the transaction details (e.g., sender, receiver, and amount) closely match those used by the program for a meaningful comparison.

  3. Record the Actual Gas Used: After executing the transaction, note the actual gas used. This information can typically be found in the transaction details on a blockchain explorer that supports the Eclipse Testnet. Eclipse Testnet Explorer:

  4. Compare the Estimates: Compare the gas estimate provided by the estimator with the actual gas used as recorded on the blockchain. This comparison will help you assess the accuracy and reliability of the estimated fees generated by the component.

By following these steps, you can confirm the effectiveness of the estimator in predicting the transaction fees for ETH transfers on the Eclipse Testnet. This method provides a practical way to gauge the estimator's performance in real-world conditions.

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