Step 3: Update the Smart Contract's Cargo.toml File

This step focuses on precisely configuring the Cargo.toml file for your smart contract, located in the programs/nftminter directory. Updating this file ensures your project has the correct dependencies and settings for compilation and deployment.


  1. Open the Smart Contract's Cargo.toml:

    • In Visual Studio Code, navigate to the programs/nftminter directory within your project.

    • Open the Cargo.toml file located in this directory.

  2. Update the File with the Following Configuration:

    • Replace the existing content of the Cargo.toml file with the config below or your own:

      name = "nft-minter"
      version = "0.1.0"
      description = "Created with Anchor"
      edition = "2021"
      crate-type = ["cdylib", "lib"]
      name = "nft_minter"
      no-entrypoint = []
      no-idl = []
      no-log-ix-name = []
      cpi = ["no-entrypoint"]
      default = []
      anchor-lang = "0.29.0"
      anchor-spl = "0.29.0"
    • This configuration sets up your project with specific settings and dependencies:

      • Package Information: Names your project nft-minter, sets the version, and specifies it was created with Anchor.

      • Library Settings: Defines the type of Rust library being created and its name.

      • Features: Configures various Anchor features and compilation options.

      • Dependencies: Specifies the versions of anchor-lang and anchor-spl that your project depends on, ensuring compatibility with your Anchor framework version.

  3. Save Your Changes:

    • After updating the Cargo.toml file, save it to apply the changes.

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