Step 1: Create a New React Project with TypeScript

Starting your front-end development with a strong foundation is crucial for building robust and maintainable applications. For your NFT minter project on the Eclipse Devnet, using TypeScript with React adds static typing benefits, enhancing code quality and developer productivity. Here's how to create a new React project configured with TypeScript.

Initialize Your React TypeScript Project

  1. Open Your Terminal:

    • Launch your terminal application. If you're working on Windows and using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), ensure you're operating within your Linux distribution.

  2. Generate Your React TypeScript Project:

    • Execute the following command to create a new React project named nftminterfrontend, specifying the TypeScript template:

      npx create-react-app nftminterfrontend --template typescript
    • This command uses create-react-app, a widely-used toolchain for React applications, to scaffold a new project. By specifying --template typescript, it ensures the project is set up with TypeScript from the start.

  3. Navigate into Your Project Directory:

    • Change to the newly created project directory to begin development:

      cd nftminterfrontend

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