To test the performance of Eclipse Testnet, you can run our benchmarking script. The following test benchmarks AMM swaps to assess the TPS of Eclipse Testnet.


Once you have the above installed, clone the benchmarking repository:

git clone

Running Benchmarking Test

Navigate to the token_swap folder after cloning the repository. Install ts-node by running the following command:

npm i -g ts-node

You might have to give super user or admin permissions to install globally or use the -g flag.

To install the dependencies, run the following command:

npm i

Make sure to run this command inside the token_swap folder. The final step is to run the benchmarking tests using the following command:

ts-node spam.ts

This runs 10 instances of an AMM performing any specified number of swaps.

Modifying Benchmarking

The default test is 275 swaps. To modify the number of swaps, modify line 63 in the benchmark.ts file inside the token_swap folder. The following is the code snippet to modify:

    await mintTo(connection, payer, mintA, userAccountA, owner, SWAP_AMOUNT_IN);

    console.log("Run test: benchmark swap");
    await benchmarkSwap(275);


If you've followed the steps successfully, you should see an output similar to the following:

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