Developer Tooling

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Eclipse Mainnet works with all the standard Solana tooling. This guide provides a comprehensive list of tools and resources available for developers working with Eclipse Mainnet.

Programming Languages

  • Rust: Solana smart contracts, known as "programs," are primarily written in Rust due to its focus on performance, safety, and concurrency.

  • Python: Seahorse lets you write Solana programs in Python. Developers gain Python's ease-of-use, while still having the same safety guarantees of every Rust program on the SVM chain.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and Editors

Frameworks and Libraries

  • Anchor: A popular Rust framework for Solana that simplifies the development and testing of smart contracts by providing intuitive API and language constructs.

  • Solana Program Library (SPL): A collection of on-chain programs (smart contracts) and off-chain client libraries that serve as building blocks for dApp development on Solana.

Testnets and Devnets

  • Eclipse Testnet: This is a network which should not support real economic value.

  • Eclipse Devnet: This network simulates the developer experience on Eclipse.

  • Solana Testnet: This is the official Solana L1 devnet and testnet.

Testing and Debugging

  • Solana's built-in Rust testing: Solana supports Rust's built-in testing framework, enabling developers to write unit tests for their smart contracts.

  • Solana Explorer: A block explorer for the a network, which allows developers to monitor transactions, accounts, and program execution on the testnets and mainnet.

Wallets and dApp Interaction

  • Eclipse Wallet: This is a fork of the open-source Salmon wallet which is compatible with Eclipse.

  • Backpack: Next-generation wallet for Solana and Ethereum chains, currently in beta.

  • MetaMask Snaps: Drift has developed a MetaMask Snap compatible with Eclipse.

  • Solflare: A widely-used browser extension for SVM that allows users to interact with dApps, manage NFTs, and swap tokens.

RPC Providers

  • Helius: Solana RPCs, APIs, webhooks and infrastructure to build and ship crypto apps, fast.

  • Triton One: The fastest, most reliable RPC solution for Solana.

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