Step 6: Deploy Your Project to the Eclipse Devnet

Deploying your compiled smart contract to the Eclipse Devnet is a pivotal step, marking the transition from development to live operation. This step involves uploading your program to the blockchain, which assigns it a unique Program ID for interaction.


  • Ensure the Solana CLI is correctly configured for the intended network (e.g., devnet) and your wallet is funded with enough SOL to cover deployment costs.

  • Confirm your project has been compiled successfully, producing the .so file in the target/deploy/ directory.

Deployment Process

  1. Access Terminal in Visual Studio Code:

    • Open the terminal within VS Code, ensuring you're in the root directory of your project.

  2. Execute Deployment Command:

    • Run the following command to deploy your smart contract:

      solana program deploy target/deploy/
    • This command uploads the file to the Eclipse Devnet, and the CLI outputs the Program ID upon successful deployment. Note this Program ID for future transactions and interactions with your program.


  • Funding Issues: If you encounter errors related to insufficient funds, consider using the solana airdrop command to acquire ETH for the deployment fee.

  • Network Configuration: Confirm you're connected to the appropriate Eclipse network. Use solana config get to verify your current settings.

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