Bridge ETH

Our enshrined validating bridge is live for Eclipse Testnet. Withdrawals from the Eclipse Bridge are disabled, and there is no user interface for the bridge. Eclipse Testnet should not be used to support any real economic value.

Our validating bridge deployed directly to Ethereum is the primary way to bring assets to Eclipse Mainnet. You will be able to bridge ETH and eventually other assets via our bridge. ETH is the native token for Eclipse Mainnet. We do not have any other native token for Eclipse Mainnet.

This script allows end users to deposit Ether from Sepolia to the Eclipse test network.


Wallet Setup

Getting Your Ethereum Private Key

First, copy your MetaMask address and visit the Sepolia faucet to airdrop tokens to yourself.

Next, copy your private key for later use by navigating to "Account details" and clicking "Show private key".

Getting Your Eclipse Public Address

Copy your "Solana" address from your Solana wallet, or alternatively use the Solana CLI to generate a public key: solana-keygen new --no-outfile or solana-keygen new --outfile my-wallet.json.

The public key in the output should resemble something like this following: 6g8wB6cJbodeYaEb5aD9QYqhdxiS8igfcHpz36oHY7p8

Create a Deposit

Obtain and set up the deposit.js script:

You'll need to install the dependencies with yarn.

Finally, execute the script:

node deposit.js [YOUR_SOLANA_ADDRESS] 0x7C9e161ebe55000a3220F972058Fb83273653a6e [AMOUNT_IN_GWEI] [FEE_IN_GWEI] [ETHEREUM_PRIVATE_KEY]
  • [AMOUNT_IN_GWEI] is the desired deposit amount, with a minimum of 1500000 gwei (0.0015 ETH)

  • [FEE_IN_GWEI] is the transaction processing fee, which is currently ignored but can set to 100 gwei

A successful command example:

node deposit.js yyiecymjvwYE6Wxg4ZSt4ibdfFRo3JUNhQ99AKnaRqu 0x7C9e161ebe55000a3220F972058Fb83273653a6e 1500000 100 3e1bf180e4778c7944f509b422711101186d26ac15337934f12088623755c0b7
Transaction successful: 0xb05a37f4e4b420f651fdffb0b169ba96cb8c8e201b32f3d8d0c94705d7dc6d5f

You can check the transaction hash on Sepolia testnet.

You can verify your testnet account balance using the Eclipse Explorer.

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